Discover the largest mythological theme park ever made in Greece!
Mount Olympus opens its doors and invites visitors of any age to admire the grandeur of the Greek mythology, in a spectacular themed show of 2100sqm.
Greece’s most important cultural heritage, the “beginning of everything”, THE GODS OF OLYMPUS… as you have never seen them before.
For the first time in Greece, technology meets the myth and together they create the most interesting and entertaining theme park.

“Placebo Events” in collaboration with a team of numerous partners, as well as with the scientific supervision of the renowned historian , Thanos Veremis, will travel visitors of all ages who love mythology, to the magical world of ancient Greece.
Through imposing god figures, 3D projections, guided tours, interactive acts and many surprises, everyone will be able to learn about every god’s life and deeds, as presented in greek ancient writings.
If you think you know about mythology through Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, you will be amazed by how much there is still to learn about the twelve Olympians – the most popular narrative in Greek history.

“Placebo Events” creates the largest theme park in Greece and “revives” the Gods of Olympus. From October 4, 2019 to January 15, 2020, the theme park will be ready to welcome teachers and students of all ages in Thessaloniki.
Children and adults will have the opportunity to live an unparalleled experience through which they will enjoy and also learn all about the greatness of the ancient hellenism and Greek mythology.
For the first time in Greece, the Gods of Olympus are presented in a space of ​​2100 sqm where imposing exhibits, 3D mapping, guided tours and interactive acts await everyone to travel back into antiquity! Visitors will have the chance to wander into the lives and deeds of the Gods, discovering familiar and unknown aspects of their characters.

Zeus, Hera, Demeter, Athena, Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, Ares, Poseidon, Hestia and Hephaestus. 12 Gods who represented and protected human traditions, moral values but also passions. 12 figures that have also been loved far away from Greece’s borders, inspiring hundreds of people all around the world. 12 stories full of love, claims, conflicts and symbolisms come to get visitors away to another era.
Greek mythology is history, the ancient history of the peoples of the world and consists the backbone of Greece’s cultural heritage. Its study helps people understand the deeper symbolism of myths and ancient Greeks’ fount of knowledge and wisdom. This is why the renowned historian Thanos Veremis has undertaken the scientific editing and is responsible for the validity of the theme park’s educational content. Last but not least, the prestigious filmmaking team, adds its own artistic touch, in a way that directly links the humorous description with the educational approach.
This fall, Thessaloniki International Exhibition and Congress Center will become the most imposing and also educational venue in Greece!

Single Ticket

General Entry

(per person)


Family Ticket 1

2 Parents

2 Children


Family Ticket 2

Families of 3 members


Group Tickets





(always with the demonstration of proper ID and proof of validity)


Special Priced Tickets

Children under 3 years old


Free of charge

How can I buy my ticket?

Tickets can be purchased directly from the ticket office on the day of your visit, or can be booked online in advance via and

How long does the tour last?

Approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Who is the park addressed to?

It is open to all lovers of Greek mythology of any age.

Do you accept group bookings/visits?

Of course! A prerequisite is to gather a group of at least ten visitors and make a phone reservation.

Are photos and videos allowed?

Yes! You can take photos with all actors and guides of the park since cameras are permitted

How does the guided tour take place?

At the entrance, professional actors and animators welcome and then guide visitors in small groups. Of course, you can also walk free around the theme park if you wish.

Opening Hours

Open everyday:

Monday to Thirsday 09.00-13.00

Friday 09.00-13.00 και 17.00-20.00

Saturday11.00-20.00 και Κυριακή 11.00-19.00

Last entry 50′ before closing.


Eορταστικό πρόγραμμα :

24/12/2019 – 7/1/2020

24/12  11.00-15.00

25/12 16.00-20.00, 

26/12  11.00-19.00,

27/12  11.00-19.00

28/12 11.00-19.00,

29/12 11.00-19.00

30/12 11:00–19.00

31/12 11.00-15.00

01/01 16.00-20.00, 

02/01  11.00-19.00,

03/01  11.00-19.00

04/01  11.00-19.00,

05/01 11.00-19.00

06/01 11:00–19.00

07/01 11.00-15.00



At Angelaki Street and specifically at the point where it intersects Alexandrou Svolou Street, there is a big parking area that can accommodate approximately 300 cars. It offers immediate and easy access to Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center – HELEXPO, as well as to the shopping center of Thessaloniki.

Is it suitable for people with disabilities?

All areas in the park are fully accessible to people with disabilities. Wheelchair ramps, as well as accessible toilets are provided.


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Everyday 7:00 - 22:30

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